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What to Know

Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. We provide our puppies with a nurturing environment ensuring that each puppy receives the interaction and socialization they need as they grow.

Picking Your Puppy

  • Puppies will be picked via photos, videos or facetime.

  • All Puppies will be picked in the order of deposits received.

  • We provide regular updates with photos and videos of the whole litter to you so you can watch the puppies grow and see their personalities develop.


Picking up & Shipping Your Puppy

The puppies go to their new homes at around 8 weeks of age.  Arrangements will need to be made to pickup the puppy within the designated pick up day.


We recommend out-of-state buyers to fly to Denver International Airport to pick up their new puppy.  We will meet you at the airport, and you fly home with your puppy in the cabin with you.


Another option would be to use a flight nanny or simply make the drive to our beautiful state.  We provide a kennel if needed for an additional charge.  Arrangements for shipping are the responsibility of the new owners. Puppies can also be picked up by personal ground transport.

**Please note:  Final payment will be due at 7 weeks if the puppy is being shipped.

Vaccinations and Dewormer

All our puppies will receive vaccines for Distemper, Hepatitis (CAV-2), Parvovirus and Parainfluenza by 8 weeks of age as well as dewormer at 4, 6 and 8 weeks.  They will have a full health check by our vet. Included in your puppy packet will be a list of their previous and next due vaccinations and deworming schedule that your puppy will need at their next vet visit with you.


Reserve Your Puppy

Call or text: 303-990-4114

Image by Jordan Epperson

Placing a Deposit

Send us a message through email, Facebook or Instagram or text at 303-990-4114 to find out the status of our upcoming litter. After communicating with you and deciding that one of our puppies is a right fit for you, you may place a deposit of $500 to reserve a Puppy of choice.



  • The deposit will be applied to the purchase price. The remaining balance is due *in cash* at 8 weeks or upon pick up whichever comes first. Pick-up date will be at/around 8 weeks and after first Vet visit.

  • Deposits are accepted in the form of cash or check.

  • As the breeder, we reserve the right to 1st pick puppy for every litter. 




Our Goldendoodle puppy purchase price is $2,800. Some exceptions to this rule are: certain colors and on an individual basis. This price does NOT include breeding rights.



You will receive a 'puppy pack' which includes:

  • Health records with the list of vaccinations your puppy has received and their de-worming schedule

  • A small sample bag of their current puppy food

  • Security toy (with the mother’s and sibling's scent to help them adjust to their new homes.)



We strongly encourage our puppy families to keep up with regular veterinary visits and to enroll in an obedience class as soon as their puppy has completed their vaccination schedule. We have some training videos on our "Puppy Training" page. Early puppyhood training is key to raising them to be well behaved.

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